Burkhard Augustin Hase, was born in Münster, West Germany. At the young age of 13, he discovered the amazing world of illusion on a familytrip to the alps. The show of the magician "Charly" he went to see, impressed him so deeply, so profoundly, that he instantly knew what he wanted to become - a magician. Burkhard studied the art of illusion & magic as an apprentice of  famous masters of the art. After his apprenticeship he also studied to be a carpenter, now he creates sets and illusions in his own right.

Der Hase does sidestepping and conqueres the stages all over Europe with his shows. He continues to redefine the landscape of illusion and magic with his performances. For nearly two decades the magic lets him travel through Germany, Australia, France and Spain. His shows seduce and enchant, fascinate and capture the audience.